KTA50-G3 50Hz |

KTA50-G3 50Hz

  • Article Number:
  • Product Name: KTA50-G3 50Hz
  • Unique ID: HE790268
  • Application: Oil Cooler
  • Noise level dB(A): 86dB(A)
  • Supplier:
  • Capacity : 6kW
  • Temp Prim. Side : 75 °C
  • Temp Sec. Side : 50 °C
  • Fluid Type : oil
  • Primary Flow : 0.625m3/h
  • Secondary Flow : 0.420m3/h
  • Max. Pressure :
  • Customs Statistical No: 0
  • Alsis Product Code: 0
  • Stock Code: 0000
  • Measurement:
  • Weight:
  • Available Stock:
  • In Stock : Enquiry
  • Price : £ 1307.25
  • Delivery Charge : £ 54
  • Total Price :
    £ 1361.25
  • Date
  • Available in Stock: Enquiry
  • Available to build: 4+ weeks
  • Lead Time: Lead Time


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KTA50-G3 50Hz |

KTA50-G3 50Hz

Price : 1089.38 GBP

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