fuel oil coolers

Used in our industry for cooling mainly Cummins engines on Applications, to which we supply cooling solutions. Frequently working in tough and stressful environments. In spite of dust, dirt and mud, extreme heat or cold, corrosive and humid environment, long-term operation and during other forms of stress, optimal cooling must always be present to ensure a reliable operation of the system. Furthermore the working environment should be safe and pleasant. All this is taken into consideration from the very beginning in our calculations and design. LAC 200 air oil coolers are a result of extensive research, development and testing in our own laboratory. The coolers have shown excellent performance and durability during field testing, confirming that the design will provide the kind of strength and durability required for heavy duty applications. No product will be approved for delivery until meeting our exacting requirements. Performance guarantee = greater confidence! Olaer's standard air oil coolers are provided with documented tests for cooling capacity, noise level, pressure drop, fatigue, leaks and they are all CE-marked.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger HE652701
Application: Fuel Oil Cooler
Primary Flow : 1.515 m3/h
Secondary Flow : 1.4 m3/h