Here is a modular cooling skid which has been engineered, designed and built by IPC. At IPC we specialise in providing bespoke cooling solutions for the power generation industry. Pictured is a cooling skid for a 2500kW QSK78 diesel engine. It includes two Alfa Laval PHE, two bladder tanks, a fuel oil cooler, a process pump and control panel, isolation valves and mechanical gauges. Implementing a cooling skid allows our client to cool both HT and LT circuits on their diesel generating set via a PHE. This reduces the size of the dry air cooler required and allows for remote cooling. The control panel is designed for simple autonomous operation and hassle-free maintenance. All plate heat exchanger components benefit from Alfa Laval’s extensive experience of compact plate heat exchanger technology.

As well as using bladder tanks we can use header tanks instead with a low-level murphy switch. This swichgage will allow us to provide a low level alarm to the generator control panel. This would be a slightly different design as unlike the bladder tanks, these aren’t pressurized meaning they need to be at the highest point and then let gravity fill up the heat exchangers.

These skids can be made for all engine types and all ambient temperatures so if you have any specific requirements for the skid, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can design it to however you like.