How to find the best product for you:

Sizing a heat exchanger:

To size a heat exchanger in its simplest form you will need the following info below: The values used can be changed if required but the result will be the same every time; You have a hot side and a cold side, where both must work together to give a positive heat balance. Fluid medium – i.e. water, glycol, gas Outlet temp ˚ Flow rate L/s Heat dissipation normally in Kw

Inputting values into the product selector:

Here is a simple breakdown of how to use the product selector, in a few easy steps:

STEP 1 – Chose a fluid (Oil, Water)

Step 1

STEP 2 – Select Oil Type & Capacity in Kw

Step 2

STEP 3 – Select Inlet Temperature

Step 3

STEP 4 – Select Outlet Temperature

Step 4

STEP 5 – Click to search and display products which best suit your selected and inputted values

Step 5

STEP 6 – Click to Add to cart, or buy now. If you require more information, clicking the product image will take you to a page with all technical specifications, documentation and information on delivery dates, stock levels, etc.

Step 6